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If you want low maintenance, naturally beautiful and fully functional landscaping, that is my speciality.
Planting a tree seems easy, however, making sure it lives and thrives here in Bend does take skill
Information about our books, seminars and classes. We believe great landscaping requires revealing or uncovering the truth of a place.

Landscape Tree lovers Sale

Ponderosa as low as $10, Fruit Trees $59, 5′ Ponderosa Pines $160, Maples, Cedars, Poplar, Dogwood, Flowering Trees, Shrubs and more! Delivery, Planting, Books, and Design Help available.

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It seems incredible we that we can offer evergreen trees as low as $5
Starter conifer trees, root and grow fastest, easy to plant, compost and instructions available, thousands of great little $5, $10, $15 and $20 Ponderosa, Blue Spruce, Larch, Norway Spruce, Austrian, Scotch, Sequoia, Contorta, Bosnian, and Juniper. Affordable for every budget and the greatest bang for your buck. Locally grown for 30 years. “Best time to plant a tree was yesterday” but it doesn’t get any easier to get started than these Trees to Go!
Bend Pine Nursery specializes in high desert landscaping and helping you to plant the perfect shrubs, trees and plants for the high desert climate. Bend Pine Nursery offers sculptural landscaping, landscape design, tree delivery, water features, drip irrigation, rock work, pruning, consultations, landscaping books and seminars. If you are a “do-it-yourselfer,” pick up one of our books on how to landscape in Bend, Oregon and the dry, cold climate we have here. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Bend Pine Nursery please call 541-977-8733 or email We look forward to hearing from you!


Lifelong Learning, Advocating for the environment.


Providing the best trees and help planting them.


We grow and promote the value of trees to beautify, offset carbon and create habitat, one project at a time.


Becoming a formidable resource for inspiring and connecting our clients and the community with Nature’s ultimate sustainable green technology: Trees.


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Design Consult

60-90 Minute design consultation at your site in Bend – $200
Includes: problem solving time, note of meeting conclusions , expanded project options and newest book.

Ultimate Landscaping Guides

Bend Pine Nursery offers you the only landscaping guides tailored to the Central Oregon high desert climate. 1,000’s of copies sold!