Bend Oregon Landscape Design & Consultation

Planning with input from experienced professionals will serve you in accomplishing your landscape goals. 


Having a trusted contractor and a clear proposal are both crucial, but without participating in the designing process yourself, you won’t get the best results. Contact us today to set up a custom consultation appointment. 


What is Sculptural Landscaping?

Sculptural Landscaping is unique in the industry. Most company owners run a crew from a distance, but not Sculptural Landscapes. The majority of landscapers are still doing yesterday’s styles, not Sculptural Landscapes. Many “landscapers” don’t only do construction, they have maintenance crews and see the landscape through a laborer’s eyes.

Sculptural Landscapes is different than the crowd because the owner, author of our area’s only two Bend landscaping books, and the installer are all the same person – Me – Fred Swisher! I started landscaping at 14 in 1970 for Sunriver. Back then berms were a new innovation. In the last 40 years much has changed. New innovative products combined with a more open mindset are allowing me to create even more dynamic, valuable, and beautiful Sculptural Landscapes here.

It’s an exciting time to build or remodel your landscape, because of how much it adds to your lifestyle immediately. In the past generic landscapes were ubiquitous. Today interest, function, and customization are more important factors.

Frankly, I’m not the landscape designer for everyone. My two local books on “Landscaping” can help just about anybody serious about improving their outside living space. My on-site consultations often uncover and reveal opportunities (in 90 minutes or less), that save my clients thousands of dollars in construction costs. More often a consultation will simplify the project process and make it go much smoother. Once in a while, I might even recommend against an idea (with good reason), and needless to say this can save a client great frustration – to hear bad news upfront – Before wasting a great deal of money!

I take a simple approach, I create value for my clients by eliminating the problems plaguing their existing landscape. I think long-term and often show projects to prospective clients that I built as long ago as the early 90’s. They have held up and still have a fresh and natural feeling. Even back then I was building for longevity, but I was also ahead of the curve using boulders, water features, and natives. Some of the techniques have changed but not the focus on value, natural beauty, and ease of maintenance.

If you have an interest or need some input on your project, I recommend both of my books for this area. If you are stuck and need me on site please call and set up a consultation appointment. We can suggest native trees and shrubs from our on-site tree nursery and also refer specialists contractors and suppliers to you, so feel free to give us a call. Because I like to keep focused on one job at a time, please give me some notice ahead of your project so I can add yours to my seasonal schedule.

I also give occasional local talks on landscaping designs and this is a great chance to get your questions answered and also hear other questions from the audience. I look forward to helping you solve your landscape problem instead! Bend Pine Nursery serves all of Central Oregon including Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Madras, Prineville, Tumalo, and Terrebonne. We are located at 19019 Galen Baker Road Bend, Oregon 97702. For more information or to schedule a plant-scape consultation please call 541-977-8733 or email