Bend’s Best Tree Nursery

Our extensive tree nursery is located on the south side of Bend, Oregon at 19019 Baker Road but we also offer tree delivery services for your convenience. With over 40 years of combined experience in high desert landscaping. Fred Swisher and Sarah Whipple know the perfect plants for our climate that are sure to bring beauty to your landscape and that will naturally thrive. Stop by our nursery or call us for a landscaping consultation so that we can recommend plants perfect for each part of your yard.
We make our own blend of compost designed to compensate for the poor soil conditions here in the high-desert. It’s available at our nursery. Our planting service includes the planting recipe, compost, organic fertilizers and soil amendments to give your trees and plants the best start and for optimal growth. In business now for 20 years, Bend Pine Nursery specializes in providing native and hardy trees, shrubs and plants suited our High-Desert Climate. Your success adding (planting and growing) beautiful, healthy trees and plants is our goal. We want to help make this process as easy and rewarding as possible for all our clients. We are fully equipped and licensed to help you will all your irrigation and landscaping needs: LCB #6008, #12832.

Landscape Tree lovers Sale

Ponderosa as low as $10, Fruit Trees $59, 5′-6′ Austrian Pines $125, Maples, Cedars, Poplar, Dogwood, Flowering Trees, Shrubs and more! Delivery, Planting, Books, and Design Help available.

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Alpine Fir

Ponderosa Pine

Acer Circinatum

American Cranberry

Amur Flame Maple Shrub

Anthony Water Spirea

Austrian Pine

Birds Nest Spruce

Bloodgood Palmatum Maple


Cistena Plum Shrub

Colorado Spruce

Common Purple Lilac

Crimson Pygmy Barberry

Deador Cedar

Diablo Ninebark

Dwarf Mugo Pine


Gold Mound Spirea

Gold Ninebark

Green Palmatum Maple

Incense Cedar

Mock Orange

Norway Maple

Norway Spruce

Pin Oak Fall

Red Maple

Red Twig Dogwood

Red Weigela

Rosa Rugosa

Rosy Glow Barberry

Russian Sage


Serviceberry Shrub

Snow Mound Spirea

Vanderwolf Pine


Weigela Shrub

When you come to Bend Pine Nursery, and pick out the plants and trees you like, arrange a convenient time and we will deliver them to your door. If you like, we can plant them for you as well.
We also do many Plantscape Consultations. We come to your site and recommend the best types of trees and shrubs suitable to accomplish your landscaping goals. Then we can either deliver and plant them for you, or coach you on planting yourself.
Our Tree Planting Service is Guaranteed!
Our planting service includes our own special blend for compost, soil supplementation, and fertilizer. If we do the planting we will also guarantee our trees and shrubs for 1 year, provided they are on automatic drip irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Specialists

Drip Irrigation is one of the most effective ways to water your trees and plants. It has many advantages over spray irrigation which is mainly intended for watering lawns.

Pruning Specialists

At Bend Pine Nursery we offer expert pruning services. Pruning should be done for specific reasons and results. The main reasons to prune are to direct growth or to maintain health. For trees and large woody shrubs pruning done during the first few years of growth is for shaping. We prune to direct growth by removing stems and branches that do not structurally contribute to the desired mature shape. For fruit trees pruning is also done to improve the size and quality of the fruit. Pruning may also be done to maintain shape and size of shrubs and some dwarf trees.
The other reason to prune is to maintain health for your landscaping. Winter storms cause damage, branches die back or sometimes they become diseased. Dead, broken, and diseased limbs need to be removed, to keep the trees and woody shrubs healthy.
Late Fall and Early Spring are the ideal times to prune. Most trees and shrubs are in their dormant period during these times and the sap is not running, so cuts are cleaner and pests are not attracted to the sap. Most perennials need to be cut back in the fall, since they die back anyway it is easier and cleaner to do it in the fall versus trying to cut off dead soggy leaves in the spring.
We Serve All of Central Oregon including: Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, and Tumalo. Bend Pine Nursery is located at 19019 Baker Road Bend, Oregon 97702. For more information on our landscaping services or to schedule a plantscape consultation please call 541-977-8733 or email