Sculptural Landscape & Hardscape Consultation



Consultations on site in Bend with Fred Swisher (60-90 minutes).


  • Problem solving time
  • Note of meeting conclusions
  • Expanded project options
  • Copy of newest book

Landscaping is unlike most major purchases, because you buy it, before it is built. It’s not always easy to know what you will be getting. Planning with input from experienced professionals will serve you well. More than other construction trades, Landscaping requires clear and specific goals. Trust is a key factor. Clarity of the project proposal is needed. However, without participating in the design process yourself – you just can’t get the best results.

We always recommend doing your homework. Research is cheap insurance. By working through the planning process even if you decide to deviate from the drawing at least you’ll know why and have a sense of the trade offs required to do so. You may decide a drawing is unnecessary and save that money towards your project. We implement what comes from the planning process and we toss drawings. It can easily be argued that 2 dimensional drawings just can’t capture 3d space over time. This is the value that consultations offer, as well as better options, which quite often are less money.

Upon purchase we will reach out to you to schedule your consultation.

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